Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On the move

Hi everone! I am sorry i haven't posted anything in here for so long.
I am not that sort of person that is on its blog like every day.
I have never really been good with blogs. I hope you understand!
Blogs are almost like diarys. And i am not either good at diarys.
I like just write once then never more. I really try to remember,
and i will try harder. I promise!
Anyway, in 6 days i am moving to malta. I am so excited.
But these last few days are gonna be hard for me. Saying good bye to sweden and all.
Today i started packing. I dont really have to pack so much. Just my clothes,
and stuff i have to have on my desk and to school and all.
Right now i can hear the neightbours talking and screaming.
Especially the little girl that is really cute but that i can hardly understand what she says.
Her mom is norwegian you see and she wants her daughter to speak mostly
norwegian. I don't blame her. If i had a girl that was born in another country
i would want her to speak swedish.
Anyway, i don't want to make this a too long post so i'll say good-bye for now.
See ya!

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J said...

Naaaauw, i missssssss yooooouuuu!! KRAAAM PÅ DIG<333