Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Back!! :-)

Hello Everybody!!

Okay it has been QUITE a long time since I've added something to this blog. So let me catch up with you people a bit (or if there are any people...i am probably just talking all to myself amn't i...lol...kay weird BUT WHATEVER!!) . It has been around 2-3 years since I've written in the blog and has lived now in Malta for 2 years and 1 month approx. I have moved to 3 different apartments and now lives not in st. Julians but in Sliema (which is like right next to st. Julians anyway). I am now in High school and goes in 9th grade. I have FABULOUS friends over these 2-3 years in verdala but sadly...most of them have left to other countries now. :(( yeees...very very sad. But anyways, i STILL love it here. Even though it CAN get pretty boring at times. But we all just live with it, right? WELL THATS LIFE!!! ok gotta go now...catch up with ya guys lata!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is malta!!!!! the beautiful paradise where we live. yay!!!! you who read this got to come visit me. i will convince you. YOU HAVE TO COME!!!!!! it is wonderful here. all warm and nice. and close to the best place in the world....SPINOLA BAY!! and gozo. lol!
We dont live where the picture is showing (surprising, huh?). No, we live in st. julians on st.gorg borg olivier street, apartment no.12 on the 6th floor. glorious view and right next to SPINOLA BAY!!!! right across the street a swimming place and we have the most beautiful apartment in the universe with great neighbours. who doesn't like malta?!! it is paradise.
i know that you people probably have all heard this information from the rest of the family members. but you at least haven't heard it from me. the youngest and craziest member in the family :D (as you can see!). lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways, gotta go!
see you guys later.
ciao! =D

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! :P

cutey pussy!

min lilla missan. jag saknar hon såååååå mycket :(
gulle plutt!!!!

my little missan. i miss her soooooooo much :(
cutey pie!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On the move

Hi everone! I am sorry i haven't posted anything in here for so long.
I am not that sort of person that is on its blog like every day.
I have never really been good with blogs. I hope you understand!
Blogs are almost like diarys. And i am not either good at diarys.
I like just write once then never more. I really try to remember,
and i will try harder. I promise!
Anyway, in 6 days i am moving to malta. I am so excited.
But these last few days are gonna be hard for me. Saying good bye to sweden and all.
Today i started packing. I dont really have to pack so much. Just my clothes,
and stuff i have to have on my desk and to school and all.
Right now i can hear the neightbours talking and screaming.
Especially the little girl that is really cute but that i can hardly understand what she says.
Her mom is norwegian you see and she wants her daughter to speak mostly
norwegian. I don't blame her. If i had a girl that was born in another country
i would want her to speak swedish.
Anyway, i don't want to make this a too long post so i'll say good-bye for now.
See ya!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Now i am going to tell you a little about the celebrations here in sweden.
The one that is coming up now is called valborg. Then we have a big bonfire
and sing songs. We have the bonfire to scare the winter away. Lame, huh?
Next big celebration is midsummer. Then we all dance around a big pole with flowers on it and
leaves on it. It has like 2 rings between it. It is supposed to be shaped like a swedish gods
penis. Disgusting!!!! We have big partys then and sing and dance and have picnics outside with the family. It is really fun!I think that is my favorite celebration. Haha!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!
Anyways, the next big one is halloween. Well, that sweden got from america i think but we still celebrate it. I guess everyone who reads this already knows what halloween is about, right? Right!
Next one is christmas of course. Then we all dance around the christmas tree. We get presents and have partys and we bake gingerbake cookies. Mhmmm...i just luvvv gingerbread cookies. In swedish gingerbread cookies are 'pepparkakor'. Then comes valentines day when we all send valentine cards to out loved ones. After that one comes easter. Then we paint eggs, and go on egghunts. We also dress up as old ladys that are supposed to be olden days witches, and go out on the neighbour hood to get candy or money. For exchange we give them easter cards that we made. That i all i can tell you now. I know that there are loads of more traditions in sweden but right now i came up with these. If you like celebrations..come to sweden!!! (or india that has loads of festivals) Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Elisabeth Welander!

You probably wonder now who i am, dont you?
Well, i am sara elisabeth welander. I am 12 years old and come from Sweden. I live outside swedens capital city stockholm, in the countryside. I live in a house on a hill facing a large field and a lake. It is soooo beautiful here so you know. I am CRAZY about cats but am sadly allergic to them :( I like skiing, playing the piano, dancing, swimming, climbing, singing, traveling, chatting etc. I hate insects and war. And strange enough, i am a little picky. Haha!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!11
My favorite food is spaghetti bolognese. I LOVE italy!!!!!! My favorite color is turqoise (the color of the sea(i think)) And i am moving to malta this year for 3 years. Yes, i am moving to malta and i CAN'T wait. I love being with my friends and family. It is the best thing ever. I love traditions and celebrations. And of course i LOVE cooking. Now i have said a load about myself. It is getting quite boring now, ain't it? Oh yea, i almost forgot. I am half american and half swedish, half christian and half jewish. I think that is all that you have to know now! Welcome to my blog!!!!!!!!!