Saturday, April 28, 2007

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Now i am going to tell you a little about the celebrations here in sweden.
The one that is coming up now is called valborg. Then we have a big bonfire
and sing songs. We have the bonfire to scare the winter away. Lame, huh?
Next big celebration is midsummer. Then we all dance around a big pole with flowers on it and
leaves on it. It has like 2 rings between it. It is supposed to be shaped like a swedish gods
penis. Disgusting!!!! We have big partys then and sing and dance and have picnics outside with the family. It is really fun!I think that is my favorite celebration. Haha!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!
Anyways, the next big one is halloween. Well, that sweden got from america i think but we still celebrate it. I guess everyone who reads this already knows what halloween is about, right? Right!
Next one is christmas of course. Then we all dance around the christmas tree. We get presents and have partys and we bake gingerbake cookies. Mhmmm...i just luvvv gingerbread cookies. In swedish gingerbread cookies are 'pepparkakor'. Then comes valentines day when we all send valentine cards to out loved ones. After that one comes easter. Then we paint eggs, and go on egghunts. We also dress up as old ladys that are supposed to be olden days witches, and go out on the neighbour hood to get candy or money. For exchange we give them easter cards that we made. That i all i can tell you now. I know that there are loads of more traditions in sweden but right now i came up with these. If you like celebrations..come to sweden!!! (or india that has loads of festivals) Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

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