Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is malta!!!!! the beautiful paradise where we live. yay!!!! you who read this got to come visit me. i will convince you. YOU HAVE TO COME!!!!!! it is wonderful here. all warm and nice. and close to the best place in the world....SPINOLA BAY!! and gozo. lol!
We dont live where the picture is showing (surprising, huh?). No, we live in st. julians on st.gorg borg olivier street, apartment no.12 on the 6th floor. glorious view and right next to SPINOLA BAY!!!! right across the street a swimming place and we have the most beautiful apartment in the universe with great neighbours. who doesn't like malta?!! it is paradise.
i know that you people probably have all heard this information from the rest of the family members. but you at least haven't heard it from me. the youngest and craziest member in the family :D (as you can see!). lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways, gotta go!
see you guys later.
ciao! =D

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! :P

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